Understand Your Needs In A Divorce

Ending a marriage is a significant life event that requires active preparation. If the decision for a divorce has been made, you are likely questioning, "where do I start?"

Since every marriage is different, your individual needs in the divorce will vary based on your situation. The process for getting a divorce has many layers, which is why before taking any action against your soon-to-be ex, it is advised you meet with a knowledgeable North Carolina divorce attorney to discuss your options.

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Divorce Laws In North Carolina

In North Carolina, divorcing couples must be residents of the state for at least six months, and legally separated for one year before a divorce decree is granted.

The state allows individuals to file for divorce on grounds of fault or no-fault. Designating fault in a divorce is permitted under specific circumstances, including adultery, desertion/abandonment, cruelty or violence, drug or alcohol abuse, incurable insanity and other indignities that render a spouse's life burdensome and intolerable.

The Do's And Don'ts Of The Divorce Process

Going through a divorce causes considerable stress and anxiety. Many important decisions must be made that require a clear focus, which can be extremely difficult given the circumstances. When entering into a divorce, it is essential to consider the following:


  • Take account of all marital finances
  • Include all assets and property for evaluation
  • Put the interests of your children first when negotiating custody arrangements
  • Follow all court orders and comply with all deadlines
  • Consult with an experienced divorce lawyer


  • Violate any court orders
  • Hide any assets or property from your spouse
  • Make important decisions based on emotions
  • Use your children as a bargaining tool

While the above do's and don'ts provide a basic outline for how you should approach the dissolution of your marriage, the most critical aspect is that you don't go through it without a qualified divorce lawyer on your side. No matter how amicable your split, the divorce process can present many challenges and requires careful planning and consideration.

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